Are you having trouble staying longer with your partner in intimate relationships?

Are you having trouble staying longer with your partner in intimate relationships? It will be fun for your partner when everything ends very quickly. However, if you believe what you see in the media, you may believe that intimacy should last for half an hour or more.

Orgasm sex in a fast time
Orgasm sex in a fast time

Many men believe that it comes to orgasm in a quick time, and some information is also presented in them that women like to have intimate sessions long. However, according to some high-level research, the average man continued for 3 minutes or less. If you want to last longer in bed and naturally we will show you some ways to do it.

Kissing like teenagers

Forget that you have been married for a while and treat your wife as if it were the first day between you! First of all, of course the kissing period will continue. If you really want to know ways to stay longer in bed, start by spending more time kissing.


One of the most difficult and difficult parts of the pressure on the life partner to practice intimacy in such a crowded life full of stress, it is difficult to move from the daily life for a long intimate time and therefore is the basic and essential way to get rid of tension and turn both yourself and your partner to prepare for a moderate period of medium duration is Use massage.

It is necessary to know how to massage and how to provide it in a way that is satisfactory to a partner to relieve tension, it may take about 5-10 minutes massage to exchange massage between the parties. This way, you will encourage yourself and your partner as well to breathe deeply and relax well. The massage of the back and foot massage or massage of the heel of the man may make your body feel more comfortable and the truth is that every minute of massage will be a perfect tool for people who want to increase the intimate time in bed.

Turn and turn on the bed in a bend

When it comes to ways that make you last longer in bed for both men and women, the golden rule that you should follow is to turn, turn and bend in turns. There are many couples who are intimately intimate. You have to change during one session. You also have to talk during that time to last longer in bed. In this way, your intimate relationship will be more satisfactory for you and your partner.

 Start and stop method

Do not take it all of once that is to exercise for you and your wife that he talked to feel access to sexual publication must stop for a period of 30 seconds or a minute and then continue this exercise is always advised doctors to control the time of intimate relationship and nothing better! All drugs and steroids are harmful and may cause health problems later. Following this exercise is medical and helps greatly prolong the intimate time naturally and without discomfort from the partners in this way, the man will stimulate and stimulate his wife. So you feel close to ecstasy, and then ask them to stop immediately. As soon as your sexual tension and desire stop, in just 15 seconds, ask them to continue. This way, you will be able to last longer in bed.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is associated with ejaculation and lengthening intimate time and thus, allows breathing deeply and slowly reduce anxiety and tension. Try breathing heavily to control this, and that step is slightly related to the previous step when the stop must take a deep breath slowly to control the self and stop the practice of intimate time.

I will start thinking about you

Anxiety at this time is the main killer in maintaining the duration of intimate time. We recommend that you shift your thinking to a more confident level, rather than worrying. When you begin to feel stressed, follow the strategy of stopping, and take a deep breath before focusing on how things are going on inside your body and with a partner. You should only eliminate negative thoughts and attention to your body and feelings because your feelings will produce and stimulate your desire.

Try new intimate situations:

In fact, some specific situations can stimulate your cravings faster, make your orgasm and excitement faster than others, and as some situations can help you last longer in bed. You can consult your doctor or even find out by exploring with your partner.

Control the pelvic muscles

Have you ever asked yourself that what controls the ejaculation and the speed of time? There are important muscles that let you control the matter, when these muscles are in a relaxed state, it is physically impossible for you to ejaculate. It is called a PC muscle, which is responsible for releasing semen during ejaculation. In order to learn how to effectively control ejaculation, you need to learn how to control your PC muscles well. However, this is not as easy as it seems to you because this muscle is considered to be the hardest muscle to control. Unless you are practicing certain exercises regularly, then you can control well. Although it may take up 

Are you having trouble staying longer with your partner in intimate relationships?
Are you having trouble staying longer with your partner in intimate relationships?